Special Guests for 2018


Maury Brown is the co-founder of Learn Larp, LLC and co-creator and producer of New World Magischola, a new magical universe for North America being brought to life through collaborative, consent-based roleplaying games, board games, fiction, and more. She approaches game design from a pedagogical point of view, and believes games can change the world, one player at a time. Her newest projects are Edgeworld, a wild west steampunk adventure, Magischola Prep, a wizard school summer camp for teens, and Immerton, a sanctuary society for female-identified participants.


Benjamin A. Morrow is the co-founder of Learn Larp, LLC, a games design and educational consulting company dedicated to showcasing the power of live action role play to engage the imagination, cultivate empathy, and change hearts and minds in meaningful ways. He is also an independent games designer who has presented at Intercon and Metatopia.