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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Hilton Milwaukee City Center

509 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203, USA

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(414) 271-7250

Midwinter Gaming Convention is a 4 day convention held each January in Milwaukee, WI. Started in January of 2000, this event was founded on a Classic World of Darkness Live Action Role Playing game (LARP). Each year it grew and expanded, from a single Friday night in 2000 to a four day event featuring events throughout the weekend. In 2010 we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and for the first time brought in vendors, special guests and other gaming events, making the leap from Midwinter Event to Midwinter Gaming Convention.

So welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen! Celebrating our 18th year, the 2018 show will be held at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and feature more events than ever before, in a gorgeous historical hotel. Featuring Live Action Role Play, Tabletop RPG's, Miniatures Wargaming, CCG's and a Board Game room with amazing Play to Win games, there is something for everyone. Watch for a great lineup of special guests as well.

The Best Games are Played in the Dead of Winter...and Midwinter is coming!

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