Managing Instagram profiles is a challenge for every social media. First, because the APP still has few native resources for managing business profiles, and second, because the entire experience within Instagram was designed for mobile.

And believe me: managing posts direct, comments, and interactions from multiple Instagram profiles on mobile can be quite difficult. If you do that, you already deserve an award. But, we are not here to cry the pangas. Being on Instagram is practically mandatory for many brands, and they will need to find ways to make their presence on this channel viable.

In this post, we will tell you how to do it in the simplest and most professional way possible! Connect!

Start managing Instagram profiles masterfully! When managing Instagram profiles, you should think about each strategy, from how to organize the feed, optimize the bio, organize editorials to how to target ads. Big names that invested in the network realized that more than "pushing" their product to customers, it was necessary to say something to create a context. Instead of asking the public to buy "clothes x," it was interesting to show the lifestyle of those who wore that clothes or the work environment in the factory where they were produced. But this is just an example.

There are no formulas, and large companies discover new ways of communicating every day. Certainly, there is still a lot of news to come. The social network itself releases new features and updates to business profiles frequently. One thing we're sure of: it's not enough to just schedule posts on Instagram. This must be done consciously and strategically, in conjunction with many other actions.

The first company that actually started managing Instagram profiles with a lot of attention and investing heavily in this network was Michael Kors in December 2013. The brand made a promotional post for luxury accessories that began to appear on users' timelines, including those who did not follow the company's page.

In the first 18 hours of posting, the ad generated:

218 thousand likes (370% more than an ordinary post); 4.4 million impressions; thirty-three thousand new followers for the brand. Given this encouraging result, it didn't take long for other brands to realize the business potential of this network and how important it was to invest in Instagram.

But it wasn't just companies that saw this opportunity. The general public realized that this was a more democratic channel to promote their work and even their lives, as is the case with digital influencers (or Instagrammers, when we talk about this social network more precisely) who earn thousands of reais with posts.

How to manage profiles on Instagram?

When we talk about managing Instagram profiles, we are talking about taking care of the account as a whole, that is:

• make posts with a certain frequency ; • reply to comments; • leverage different formats for content — photos, videos, boomerangs, stories ; • perform live broadcasts ; • announce; • interact with the public; • know your audience to define what are the most interesting topics and the right approach; • know which partnerships to make; • organize the feed; • responder directs. To facilitate the organization and management of profiles, it is possible to rely on the help of tools such as mLabs.

How to manage profiles on Instagram with mLabs? With mLabs, it is possible to manage more than one Instagram profile in one place, do everything from the computer, and control all network resources in one place. Understand the features.

image of an advertising banner with a call to test the lab's inbox feature for free Easily schedule posts and stories. Through mLabs, you can schedule posts, Stories, and videos for IGTV on the multiple accounts you manage on Instagram. The mLabs scheduling also has features such as:

• Create default hashtag groups for each profile you manage; • Create a standard signature for each profile; • Disable comments on the post; • Include hashtags in the first comment; • Insert mentions, line breaks, and emojis in the captions; • Schedule in all formats: image, video, carousel, Stories. Make reposts; • Customize Stories with GIFs, stickers, questions, polls, mentions, hashtags; • Tag products on Instagram Shopping, among others. • manage multiple Instagram accounts mlabs scheduling screen image • Interact with followers by direct You know how important it is to approach followers and respond to them, right? With mLab's Inbox, you will be able to reply to all direct messages (from all the profiles you manage) from your computer. In addition, you will be able to:

• Save responses to a ready-made message bank (and send to frequently asked questions); • Assign a service to another person on your team; • Tag conversations however you like; • Identify Pending, Completed, Spam, Assigned to your conversations; • View Direct messages from Instagram, Inbox from Facebook, and WhatsApp on the same screen. • Instagram direct management screen by mLabs • Automate reports and prove results • Tracking the feed, scheduling posts, interacting. All of this can be of no value if you don't monitor results and optimize your strategy.

To understand if your actions are having the right effect on your followers, you need to analyze and see results. Even the bad ones, as they serve as a point of improvement for the next one. After all, everything is learning, right?

But, going back to mLabs, you can analyze Instagram metrics and still generate reports to better understand your strategies!

mLab's has reported for Instagram and Stories, with information such as:

Best posts and Stories (by reach or by interactions); • Overview of Interactions and average of interactions in the selected period; • Detailing interactions per post; • Best Stories/Posts by type; • Hashtag performance; • Best days and times to post (performance by day and time); • Number of followers (comparative or continuous graph); • Profile of followers (age group, gender, location); • Competitors (monitor up to 5); • Influencers in your niche. • image: advertising banner with free test call for scheduling for Instagram

mLab's also allows you to create reports in PDF, PPT or link. Very simple if you need to send to customers.

Feed: Interact with all feed comments Through mLabs, you will be able to reply and like feed comments easily. The platform allows you to create custom dashboards with feeds from different customers, both from Instagram and Facebook.

How to manage profiles on Instagram mLab's feed screen Banner_Feed_Redes_Sociais: art with an invitation for the person to test the mLab's functionality for free. Workflow With this feature, you will be able to organize the flow of creation and approval of posts in a simple way and without having to leave the platform. Through mLabs, you can:

• Invite the entire creative team to mLabs and edit each user's access permissions; • Invite clients to request adjustments and approve posts by mLabs; • Create demands and briefings for Instagram posts; • Control all post adjustments in one place. You save time and even improve the organization of your work, having a better view of everything that is happening there on that account, not to mention the attention to deadlines!

manage profiles on Instagram - mlabs workflow As you can see, managing Instagram profiles can be quite simple via mLabs! Curious to know more?? Then try the mLab's platform's seven days free to test all the features and feel the difference!