Update #4
December 18, 2020

SCARAB 2021 Special Announcement

Friends, family, loyal supporters of SCARAB. It is with heavy heart, and the safety of our community in mind, we have made the incredibly tough decision to cancel SCARAB 2021 this January.

Following in the footsteps of many gatherings, conventions, and local schools, we believe that it is in everybody's best interest and safety to not gather in person while COVID19 pandemic worsens in our state and country.

We had prepared to have our convention safely in January. We intended to follow numerous safety guidelines recommended by the CDC and those that are required by the State of South Carolina: temperature checks, face masks, social distancing, limiting table presences, and much more. Earlier the SCARAB Board initially made the decision to proceed with an in-person event because the COVID numbers were on the decline and the restrictions on gatherings had been decreased. This is not the case now.

What does this mean for all current SCARAB 2021 Badge holders?

If you have purchased a 2021 badge, SCARAB will automatically convert it to a 2022 badge.

2021 Top 100 Badges will not automatically convert to 2022 Top 100 Badges. Instead, we want to get your 2021 badge perks to you! We had already acquired all the goodies for the 2021 Top 100 bags which are (as always) worth more than the badge itself.

It was going to be a surprise, but we moved away from flasks this year. We hope you will be as pleased with the new bag gift as we were when they arrived at the secret SCARAB lair. As a hint, the box it was delivered in had some Italian words on the outside. We are exploring a few options on how to get these to you and will make an announcement on this sometime soon.

It is for that reason if you wish to get 2022 Top 100 Badges with its perks you will need to purchase a new Top 100 badge for 2022. Yes, this means you would have 2 badges for 2022 SCARAB, so why not consider giving your extra badge to a friend?

Badge sales for 2022 SCARAB will open online on our TableTop.Events page Sunday January 17, 2021 at noon EST, just as if we held the physical convention in 2021! 2022 Top 100 badges will also go on sale at the same time. They will be available until sold out!

Other Things to Come in 2021

Later in 2021 we hope to plan some game days. What shape these will take, as well as the time and place are being discussed as we pay close attention to the pandemic, just like everyone else.

Please keep watching our social media posts, and our news updates on the site.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to us at info @ [no spaces], or send us a PM/DM.

Stay safe, and play games.

The Board and Owners of SCARAB.