Board Game Pharaoh's Challenge

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The First Board Game Pharaoh’s Challenge! Game designers will have two hours and some random game elements to put together a game which they will run for "ordinary" convention goers.

If you wish to compete you can sign up on TTE or contact Jon Maness via PM or email at swarmcastpodcast @ (no spaces).

For full details please visit SwarmCast PodCast

Costume Contest

Full Details Later!

Come dressed to impress. SCARAB would love to see your best cosplay. Be anyone you want to be for a day and flaunt your imagination. There may even be Prizes!

RPG Pharaoh's Challenge

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The Game Master who shows their ability to prepare and run an RPG given certain royal constraints will win the awesome title of RPG Pharoah! Along with some other cool prizes.

GMs will be given random game system and random elements, which could include: Plot hooks, NPCs, Maps, Strange Props, And maybe, more…

Paint & Take

This Event has a $5 participation fee, collected at the Paint & Take table.

The fee includes one unpainted miniature of choice from available selection for the duration of the weekend along with paints, brushes, varnish top coat, basing materials, and other basic items. If you don't finish in one sitting feel free to come back whenever the tables are open.

Palmetto Knights Classes

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The Palmetto Knights will be hosting a series of Weapon and Armor demos and Various classes. Check the events schedule for times.