SCARAB 2021 Warhammer 40K ITC 9th edition GT!

Hosted by Soda City Gamers

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This event is 5 rounds (3 rounds Saturday, 2 rounds Sunday) using current GT missions from Chapter Approved book. Doors open at 8AM and Dice roll at 10AM both days.

we prefer you purchase an Event badge for the Warhammer 40k Event on BCP (Best Coast Pairing) you will be automatically registered on TableTop.Events.

If you instead purchase a badge on TableTop.Events you will need to also email sodacitygamers @ to be set up on BCP.

Caveats for this event:

Please have lists submitted either by email to sodacitygamers @ or BCP by midnight 1/09/2021.

Releases, Rules, FAQ etc cut off 1/09/2021.


Any questions concerning this Warhammer 40k event please contact George Ryan at 803-636-6698 or email sodacitygamers @