Updated 12/7/20

Can I buy a Kids Badges (12 and under) on TableTop.Events (TTE)?

Kids Badges (12 and under) are issued at the door.

For some insight why we are doing this: A "free badge" on TTE still has a service fee the costumer would have to pay. SCARAB wants to keep kids badges (12 and under) completely free! So we are processing kids badges as we have in the past at the door.

How do I use my Eternal Membership?

You should have receive an email with your code and instructions on how to use it. If you have not received this email please contact Info @ (no spaces)

How do I know if I have already purchased a badge to SCARAB?

Log into your TTE account.

As soon as you log into your account the first screen you should see should have a section that is in large letters "Conventions I'm Attending"

If you have a badge to SCARAB it will show up here, along with all other conventions you have or had badges for on TTE.

If you have purchased a SCARAB badge and it does not show up on this screen please contact us via Private Message or email either Registration @ [no spaces]

How do I give a friend a badge for SCARAB I have bought on TTE.

Log into your TTE account. Go to My Account, select Friends from the drop down.

If the person you want to give the badge to is not on your friends list type their name into the Find New Friends field and locate them. Their name will appear under Your Pending Friend Requests. They will have to accept your friends request before you can give them the badge.

If they are already listed as your friend you just hit the green Give button.

What precautions are you taking concerning COVID and your Convention?

If we get other (reasonable) safety suggestions we will see what we can do to implement them.

I can not/do not want to attend SCARAB 2021 because of Covid-19, what do I do about my badge?

The refund period has already passed (November 1st 2020) but if you contact us via Private Message, email us at Registration @ or Info @ [no spaces] and let us know we will be happy to roll your badge over to SCARAB 2022!

If I am a Top 100 badge holder and I roll over my badge to SCARAB 2022 will I still be a Top 100?

If you roll over your badge to SCARAB 2022 you will loss your SCARAB 2021 Top 100 benefits. The SCARAB 2022 badge will only be a regular badge.

If you want to keep the bag for 2021 you can come in to the convention and pick it up but then your badge is not eligible for roll over.

As for Top 100 for 2022 sales will open at the convention Sunday at noon. If all of the Top 100 badges are not sold by the end of the convention then Tuesday they will be available on a first come first serve biases on our TTE site.

I have dietary restrictions, can I bring my own food?

We do not allow any outside food or drink. If you have dietary restrictions you can contact the Medallion Center directly.

Will SCARAB have any virtual game options?

We are not offering any virtual game options at SCARAB 2021.