Protospiel MN 2022
January 15, 2022

Preparing for Protospiel Minnesota 2022

There are 6 days left until the start of Protospiel Minnesota, so we thought we'd send out a few reminders. Whether you're a Protospiel veteran or a first time attendee, we are excited to have you!

Vaccine and Mask Requirements

Please remember to bring your vaccine card with you (or a digital photo of it). You must show proof of vaccination at check in, or you will not be allowed to enter. There will be no exceptions. If you purchased badges for others, make sure everyone in your group knows this.

We are requiring that masks be worn at all times, with the exception of briefly removing them to take a drink or eat something. The hotel is also requesting that all attendees wear their masks in all common areas of the hotel.

We will have hand sanitizer available on tables throughout the convention hall.

Click here to read our full requirements.


Protospiel Minnesota is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Please read through our policies for more information.

Food and Drink

The hotel restaurant will be opening at 5pm during the days of the convention, which is much later than previous years. Because of this, the hotel has given us permission to bring in outside food this year when the restaurant is closed. If you choose to do so, please try to distance yourself from others as you eat, and please clean up after yourselves.


We still have 60 badges remaining. If you know someone who still hasn't gotten a badge, now's a great time to remind them to do so.

While badge sales online will remain open until the end of the convention, we will not be accepting cash payments at the door this year. Anyone planning to purchase a badge last minute will need to do so through the website.

Register Your Prototypes

Designers: If you haven't done so yet, register the prototypes you're planning on bringing to let attendees check them out ahead of time so they can seek you out to play your wonderful games!

During, and after, the convention you can return to this list and submit feedback through it that will be sent directly to the designers.


Designers should mention their design goals from the start, be respectful of everyone's time, and be open to feedback and suggestions.

Testers should listen carefully to the designer and try to provide the help for which they're looking and focus on being constructive and helpful.

All designers are asked to honor a reciprocal agreement; if you ask 4 people to play your game for an hour, you should play at least 2 hours of other people's games (this number is based on the designer to playtester ratio at our event and may vary at other events).

Please do not occupy a table for an extended period of time as tables are meant to be shared.

Please do not set up your game on a table and walk away to do something else as space is limited. We will remove unattended games from tables if they prevent other designers from having available space to test their games.