Sector 37: Brave New Worlds

Think about the Land Rush of the American West in the 1800s, with everyone running out to try to stake a claim. Some were looking for a new start, and to carve out a piece of the wilderness to call home. Some were traders looking for new trade routes to ply. Some were just looking to get rich quick. And some were willing to lie, cheat and steal to get it.

Now put that in space, with various groups playing different species of aliens.

There are resources out there to harvest and ship back to keep your home empire going. There are natives out there, which may or may not be friendly. There are wonders untold, just waiting to be discovered. And maybe even a treasure map or two.

Brave New Worlds is a megagame - a cross between board games and role-playing, for about 30 people who will represent the various alien species as they expand, research, and negotiate with each other and whatever else they may find.

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The Stellar Union has just acquired Sector 37 as the result of a peace treaty with the Thurmiir. Well, that's the official story. In reality, there are some rogue Thurmiir still marauding out there who object to the very idea of a peace treaty.

Regardless, a huge new area of space has opened up for the members of the Stellar Union to occupy, colonize, exploit, and bicker over. Much like the Land Rush of the 19th century American West back on Earth, opportunity awaits! There are resources to harvest, cosmic phenomena to study, and life forms to discover.

However, also like the Land Rush, the newly available territory isn't empty. There's life out there in Sector 37, even some intelligent life, including some with interplanetary capabilities. Some of these colonizers were oppressed by the Thurmiir, but others cooperated enough to remain (more or less) unmolested. Some might even resent the presence of the SU and its members, seeing them as just as bad as the Thurmiir, while others see the SU as deficient (or even malevolent) replacements for benevolent overlords.

Even among the SU members, some get along well, while others are openly hostile, and only the benevolent threat of the Nazha keeps open war from erupting.

Brave New Worlds is a megagame - a cross between board games and role-playing, for about 30 people. Each player will interact with some subset of the game mechanics, depending on their role. It is set at SU Headquarters, where the various member species have gathered for negotiations.