Little Wars 2023

Apply to Exhibit

There are 3 choices for booths:

Half booth 5' wide x 10' deep for $100 each (1 only available, found in Jr Ballroom)

Standard booth 10' wide x 10' deep for $200 each (Available in both Jr Ballroom & Lilac Rooms)

Standard booth with demo table 10' wide x 10' deep for $200 each and a round demo table in front of the booth (available in the Lilac Room only)

Booth options, extra tables, extra badges, wifi, and electric

The Booths are found in the Booth Section; Extra table, WiFi, & Electrical are offered as you select each Booth. If you purchase more than one Booth you need not buy WiFi &/or Electric with each Booth, just one.

Advertising Options will be found in the Sponsorship section

Instructions (Note: Booths selected are for Payment tabulations only; final selection will be awarded by Kevin Cabai where LW 2019 Vendors have the first option to remain in the booth(s) assigned for LW 2019):

1st step is to fill out the application and wait for approval 2nd after approval, log back into your account and follow the directions available on either the mailing to you or on the HMGS-Midwest WEB site.

After selections are made, click on the checkout selection - your tally will show - Options for Payment are:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Check

Make check payable to:

   HMGS Little Wars
   c/o CW Moellenkamp
   245 Smethwick Lane
   Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Any questions may be directed to Kevin Cabai - 773-594-1301

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