KoboldCon Cosplay Rules and Restrictions


(includes contest entry)

If you already have your Gamer Badge (weekend or day pass), you get a FREE entry into the Cosplay Contest - Register Here!

Cosplay Contest

1) Best at the Show - Awarded by a panel of judges - 1st Place: $500 cash, 2 Movie Camp passes, plus prizes provided by dealers; 2nd Place: $350 cash; 3rd Place: $150 cash!

2) Best Craftsmanship - Awarded by panel of judges - 1st Prize: $50 cash prize, 2 Movie Camp passes, plus any prizes provided by dealers

3) Best Showmanship - Awarded by panel of judges - 1st Prize: SWAG gifts provided by our dealers!

4) Judge's Choice Award - Dress to impress, and catch the eye of the judges - and you could win BIG with the Judge's Choice!

Winners will be announced to each contest in reverse order. Meaning 3rd, 2nd, 1st place in each category listed above, starting after all contestants have taken the stage. You must be present to win

Kids Costume Contest - FREE

Noon on Sunday

12 & under can enter

Judged on Quality, Originality, and Awesomeness

Two Awards: Best Costume: Donated vendor prizes Runner Up: Donated vendor prizes

Contest Rules

  1. Costume must be at least partially hand made. No fully store bought costumes.

  2. Costume Contestants must be at least 13 years old. (kids contest is separate)

  3. Must be present at 2pm on Saturday, Apr 27th and stay through voting to win.

Dress Code:

  1. Please, no nudity.

  2. Public bathing suit coverage is the base standard.

  3. 60% of backside of both men and women, and 60% of female breasts must be covered.

  4. Full groin coverage for both men and women (dance belts or cups must be worn. NO genitals visible under clothes will be permitted).

  5. If your cosplay is more revealing than the above standards, please use a body suit under the cosplay.

Prop Rules:

Prop weapons will be restricted to only foam, wood, plastic and card board. No metal weapons of any kind will be permitted. Guns and other weapons will be checked beforehand by event security.

If your cosplay includes a weapon, please enter KoboldCon through the parking lot entrance on the north side of the building. Weapons are not allowed in the Chapel Hills Mall

Backpacks and bags will be searched completely each time you enter.

Our commitment is to keep family’s and guests safe. We will do all we can to help make this a reality.

Photo Op Area

We will have an area set up inside the venue for photo ops with your full cosplay, props and all in the cosplay area. There will be no restrictions for cosplay placed by the convention on your cosplay inside the venue. (You must still observe all City laws and restrictions on carrying weapons).

You are NOT ALLOWED to carry weapons of any kind within the mall shopping area itself. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Weapons are ONLY allowed within the KoboldCon venue

We will have a photo shoot area set up for you to take photos.