IndyStorm Gaming Convention 2020

IndyStorm Gaming Convention 2020



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Indianapolis, IN

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Wyndham Indianapolis West

2544 Executive Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA

Time zone: America/Indiana/Indianapolis (UTC {{ '2020-01-31 17:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Indiana/Indianapolis' }})

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(317) 248-2481

Register for IndyStorm at the Wyndham hotel by visiting this link:


IndyStorm is Indianapolis's newest gaming convention being hosted for competitive, casual, and learning events! We've got wargaming, board gaming, card gaming, laser tag, Artemis Bridge Simulator, board game library and more!

Want to register for an event? Here's how you do it:

We're also running a cash bar with our own signature drink, the RAGE QUIT! Game like you MEAN IT and get ready to have some serious fun!

The first 50 to sign up and reserve a hotel room will received Super Swag at the door! For more information or to register at the hotel for the weekend, visit or click here for the hotel link.


What kind of Badge do I need?

There are 2 types of badges for IndyStorm; The full badge ($20) and the Chaser Badge ($5). The Full Badge lets you purchase tickets for all the events and get's you into the board game library the entire weekend. The Chaser Badge gives you access to the board game library, demo events, laser tag, and Artemis Spaceship simulating for the entire weekend (great for a +1 or the kids!).

What kind of prize support will you have?

Prize support is specific to each system. Most events will have product or other publisher materials. In addition, all the events are supported with IndyStorm Specific prizes. This could range from 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medals, to beautifully 3D printed (and painted!) trophies, to even our signature hand made glass lightening bolt awards!

Are there Swag Bags?

The first 250 people to get a Full Badge will receive a swag bag. The first 50 people to sign up and reserve a hotel room will level up their swag.

How does Laser Tag, Spaceship Simulation, and On Demand events work?

Most of these events only start when enough players are gathered to play to fill the event. This could be a group of 8 players. Players do not sign up for a specific time, but rather the number of games they want to play.

For example, if you want to play 2 rounds of laser tag, get 2 laser tag tickets. If you want to play in 1 UFS on demand event, purchase 1.

Tickets for on demand events can be bought ahead of time or at IndyStorm.

Will there be any charity events?

Yes! We will be raffling off an entire Warmachine Legion army as well as several other donations. Proceeds will go to supporting a local Indy Charity, Second Helpings.

If you are interested in donating to the charity raffle, please contact

Who is running your Board Game Library?

thumbnail.png Saltire Games of Indianapolis

Do I need to bring my paint brush?

No! Splendiferous Minis will be providing all of your painting materials. Keep the mini that you paint!

What casual events will be hosted?

There are several relaxed style events on both Friday and Saturday night. These are geared towards those who have just picked up the game, or who are still figuring things out. Additionally, there will be open gaming space during the weekend.

Further, we will be having several board game and RPG events during the evenings.

I have an event I would like to host. How can I?

We're getting tight on space, so please contact us at and we can discuss the details. At this point, we only have space for activities that happen either Friday or Saturday night.

You mentioned the Chaser Badge is good for kids, will there be any kid specific activities?

Family Day is Sunday! From 10am-2pm, the board game library will be hosting more kid specific games, as well as arts and crafts.

I want to sponsor or sell stuff at IndyStorm. How?

We would love to have you, please check head to our site to learn more, or contact us at