Gary Con XVI

Apply to Exhibit and/or Sponsor

Welcome and thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor at Gary Con XVI. Please fill out the application and submit it in order to be considered - there is no cost to you at this stage. Space at Gary Con is limited and having a diverse mix of merchandise for our attendees is imperative. We will review and approve exhibitor applications as they are submitted. Approval is based on past history at Gary Con, variety and order of submission. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link back to this site where you will be able to choose and pay for a booth(s) and desired options as well as purchase additional badges if needed (each booth space comes with 2 Exhibitor badges).

This year the Exhibitor and Guest Artist space will be located in the Forum. All Exhibitor booths are approximately 9'x9' (Guest Artist booths are 8'x10') and will have 8' tall pipe and drape behind and 3' tall between booths. Each booth can have access to power (for a small fee). Please keep in mind that by default a booth comes with NO tables or chairs, so even though there is no cost for these items, please indicate the quantity of each that you'd like when purchasing your booth(s).

Based on requests from some of our exhibitors for opportunities to have more than two booths, Gary Con will now allow a limited number of companies to have 3 or 4 booths with the purchase of a Premium Booth Sponsorship. If you're interested in one of these options, please go to here (Exhibit / Sponsorship menu --> Available Sponsorships).

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