Gary Con XV

Legends of Roleplaying Tournament: Ruins of Elder Evil

The 5th Annual Gary Con, Legends of Roleplaying Tournament! A single-round, open tournament inspired by legendary tournaments of the past. Gary Con's single most popular event with over 100 participants each year, making it the largest old-school D&D tournament in the world! The top scoring team receives free Silver Badges to next year's Gary Con and is crowned The Legends of Roleplaying Champion!

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This will be the fifth year for the Gary Con, Legends of Roleplaying Tournament, an annual, single-round, open tournament inspired by legendary tournaments of the past. Each year we create an all-new adventure that revisits or continues the adventure of an original classic tournament, the same ones that became the legendary TSR adventure modules we know and love. Each new tournament will be partly designed and even run by some of the TSR legends themselves! While Dungeon Master assignment is random, you could end up in a game with a legendary TSR designer, like Zeb Cook, Harold Johnson, Steve Winter, or Allen Hammack!

If you have ever wished you could go back in time and play in one of those early classic D&D or AD&D tournaments when they were at their zenith, now is your chance! Previous year's tournaments have had over 135 participants signed-up at once, making it the most popular single event at Gary Con and the largest old-school Dungeons & Dragons tourney in the world!

For those who have never played a tournament, they are open to anyone who knows how to play Dungeons & Dragons (edition really doesn't matter). You have fun playing like any other RPG with the added excitement of seeing which adventuring group accomplishes the most and is the best team in play. Goal accomplishment, roleplaying, combat, problem solving, insightfulness, and bold decision making determines the top team.

The tourney this year, is a continuation of an adventure by Gary Gygax himself! Ruins of Elder Evil takes you to the nethermost regions of a ruined temple, where once a wicked cult held its dark rituals! Long since sealed by the forces of weal, an enigmatic set of Elder Keys may determine whether an Elder Evil is unleashed upon the world or permanently banished! Your band of adventurers have been tasked by the Hierophants of the Cabal to carry out this mission, but beware, the-wheels-within-wheels of intrigue, deception, and betrayal are turning and the forces of good, evil, or otherwise may seek to thwart you!

Teams will consist of nine players and team formation, including requests to be with other players on the same team, will be handled via email after registration. Players will be provided with pre-generated character sheets, so that when you arrive for your time-slot you and your team will be ready to adventure! Teams will also be formed at a pre-tournament briefing an hour before the slot begins for on site sign-ups. You could team-up with a couple of friends or join some other Gary Con attendees and make new friends!

The players of the top scoring team will receive free Silver Badges (or an equivalent credit towards higher badges) to next year's Gary Con!

Be Legend!