Gary Con XIII

GaryCon13 uses a check in process similar to a physical check in. The purpose is to make sure you've got everything set to have the best convention experience possible.

You do not need to check in before you book games.

We will:

  1. Ask you to join the voice and/or video chat and give you feedback on your audio/video quality.
  2. Confirm your TTE and Discord are stitched together properly so that if you have to go into a "closed" channel for an event, you'll be properly permissioned in Discord as a TTE ticket holder.
  3. Ask if you have any questions about GC13 and attempt to help you get those answered.
  4. Explain some of the virtual landscape.

You will need:

  1. Your Badge ID#
  2. The name with which you registered your badge

If you'd like to watch the check in process we have made a short 4 minute video: GCCheckinHowTo.mp4