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Rescue of Hommlet—A Chainmail/OD&D Game

A discrete summons has reached your ears, for the good people of Hommlet are in fear for their lives! A militia of foul brigands from Nulb have been spotted near the old Moathouse of ill reputation! What evil lurks there and beyond? Find out, brave heroes, using Chainmail (and a bit of Original D&D) as the rules of engagement as we explore this famous Greyhawk setting!

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EG1-212 in Evergreen 1
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This is a Legends of Roleplaying Event. This adventure is a homebrew of T1 "Village of Hommlet" and T2 "Temple of Elemental Evil", using an unofficial variant of Chainmail to resolve all combats, and OD&D (3 LBBs only) to deal with the rest.

This Chainmail variant, collected together by Jason Vey of Elf Lair Publishing, is an homage and expansion of Chainmail to serve as the combat engine for OD&D. It can be found here: