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A Tale of Two Temples

Deep under a long abandoned temple of Law, a temple of Chaos thrives and with it a sanctuary for outlaws and exiles. This knaves' haven now harbors the most famous thief in the known world, and the King has chosen you to bring him to justice. A low level 70's style dungeon crawl, characters provided, last year we were playing within within 15 mins. Everyone welcome, even if you played last year.

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This is a Legends of Roleplaying Event. Negotiate, fight, or bribe your way past outlaws and do what you must to survive encounters with monstrous hybrids born of chaos as you strive to bring the most famous thief in the known world to justice.

This is a low level old school dungeon crawl, run by a DM who started playing in 1975 - it's D&D as it was played in the 70's. It is rules light and plays fast, even while you are slowly mapping the dungeon. Last year things were well under way within 15 minutes of our start time. So bring your iron spikes, holy water, and ten-foot pole. Choose a caller and a mapper, I'll provide the pre-gens. Everyone is welcome at my table.

We'll be using Blueholme rules, no experience necessary. We had a great time last year, and those who played last year are welcome back.

Learn more about the backstory, the characters available for the adventure, and a few house rules at the website. Password: ThanksGary