Gary Con XII Virtual Tabletop Games

Welcome to the Virtual Tabletop Edition of Gary Con XII!

Important info below!!

Gary Con XII will be happening live in Lake Geneva, but that does NOT mean you can't be part of the fun from just about anywhere in the world!

From Boca Raton to Vladivostok, players from around the world can enjoy gaming and celebrate "a life well played" with all of us, March 26-29.

Whether you are interested in participating as a player or as a Gamemaster, here are few tips to help you get started!


1. Pick a game you would like to run for Gary Con XII

2. Get your virtual "table" prepared

3. Register your game here on the Virtual Gary Con XII site

4. While you wait for players, be sure to advertise your game on your social media accounts!

5. As you start to get players registered, use Tabletop.Events (this platform) to communicate with them using the embedded form IN YOUR EVENT

6. On Game Day, it is a good idea to be on early in case there are any communication issues. Play the game and have fun!

7. Get Rewarded

Every single virtual player and GM will receive a virtual swag pack of materials worth $60+ donated by generous sponsors. More reward information coming soon!


  1. Keep an eye out on the site for games you would like to play!

  2. Help us spread the word and get GMs to post their games by sharing this site: Gary Con XII Virtual Tabletop Games

  3. When you find a game you'd like to play, register here on this site!

  4. Your Gamemaster should contact you after you sign up, but if they do not pass on information about the game within a few days, please reach out to us here on the site!

  5. Show up at least 15 minutes early for your virtual game so that you can work out any kinks in the game.

  6. Play the game and have fun!!


Learn to use Roll 20: Roll20 For The Absolute Beginner - YouTube or Roll20 Overviews and Guides - YouTube

Roll 20 Content Packs: Stay At Home, Play At Home

Learn to use Fantasy Grounds at the Fantasy Grounds College: Join the Fantasy Grounds College Discord Server!

Fantasy Grounds for AD&D 2nd Ed: AD&D Mike

Want to host boardgames? Try this simulator (this is not free, unlike most of the above platforms): Tabletop Simulator on Steam

We've added a mentorship program to the Facebook group for attendees wishing to learn how to use virtual event platforms. If you frequently run online/remote/virtual games, please sign up to be a mentor and list the platforms you use and the types of events you run. If you are looking for help in setting up your online event, please also look at the Mentorship tab to find someone skilled in that platform. Link: Log In or Sign Up to View

You can also go to the "Learn to Go Virtual" tab on discord here: Join the Gary Con - Friends and Family (Unofficial) Discord Server!

Hosting If you are interested in running a virtual event for Gary Con, you can look here for more information: Gary Con XII Virtual Tabletop Games

Badges Badges are free and both attendees and GMs will receive a virtual swag pack. Again, more details regarding the con will be released within 48 hours, but we understand that some GMs and attendees have already made up their mind. Please consider running events online instead.



All players and Gamemasters who participate in Virtual Gary Con XII will receive an AMAZING virtual SWAG Bag just for playing! We have free stuff and vouchers from giants in the industry including:

  1. Frog God Games
  2. Kobold Press
  3. Nord Games
  4. Troll Lord Games
  5. Total Party Kill Games
  6. WizCo Games
  7. Skeeter Green Productions
  8. Dark Naga Adventures
  9. Fantasy Grounds
  10. ...and more are joining every day!!

After the con is over, you will receive this hefty loot bundle via email and you can immediately dive-in to the all the amazing SWAG from our overly generous sponsors!!

Please shoot us screen shots and don't forget these hashtags when you are chatting on social media: