Gary Con IX

Chaos Rising: The Battle of Tuluk Ruins

The once-quiet ruins of Tuluk have come to life! Come learn and play an old school miniatures wargame, Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars! Play as the Human/Elven forces or as the ruthless Orcs & Goblyns. We’ll be using figures and rules from the Kickstarters that have breathed life into Rules by Ral, first published by Ral Partha in 1986/87. Based in an ongoing campaign that combines RPG and wargaming.

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The tramp of Bestials and Men of Chaos marching to battle echoes throughout the Lands! The horns of war blow louder and it is time for stalwart Commanders to muster their troops and fight for the survival of Kin and Kinsmen! Write your legacy on the pages of History as you face off in battle either on the side of Law or Chaos!

An ancient evil has awoken in the ancient ruins of Tuluk, once an outpost of Chaos a millennia ago. The horns of war blow loudly as Bestials pour forth from the ruins, led by the fell Orc Warchief Yatoub-riaz. The Southron Duchy keep of Peak Tower is threatened and Duke Felix has called for his commanders to blunt the attack and save this outpost of Law against the hordes of Chaos!

The Awakening of Tuluk will pit Humans and Elves against Orcs, Goblyns and the forces of Chaos using the "Chaos Wars" rules. This old school miniatures wargame, first published by Ral Partha back in 1986/87, has seen a rebirth! Now come play the game at GaryCon, using figures and rules from the wildly successful Kickstarters that have breathed life into Rules by Ral. See troops, heroes, fell creatures and war machines all come to life on the field of battle.

This all will take place in Michael Chgowiz's campaign world of The Dark Ages. Since 2009, the players have explored a world of danger and adventure, where the civilized races are in retreat against Chaos and war. This world hosts wargames and tabletop RPG games side-by-side, and YOU have a unique opportunity to affect the course and history of an on-going story.

See the Dark Ages campaign wiki by clicking here: