Shadows of Pindus: Malice and Manure

Join Level Up Gaming League Storyteller and DM, Darren Steele in a D&D 5e 1st tier adventure open to all experience levels.

Pindus-on-Isles is a glittering safe-haven of hope to a continent of refugees and a maw ravenous for naive souls. The colossal city is a prison to those without strength.

In a series of caverns overlooking the septic torrent of the Bashard's Run, something is killing Guildmaster Tilley's cattle. There's a contract out to make it stop.

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Pindus is a city of wonders and a city of desperation. It is full to the brim with refugees, fleeing from a continent spanning deadly jungle that's avarice knows no bounds.

There is no shortage of avarice among Pindus' own peoples. Greed and need make what should be a straightforward investigation into a contest of competing interests. Do you work for justice or to get paid?

In Bashard's Run, where the impoverished sign on to long contracts to work in dismal conditions, you've been tasked to discover a killer of cattle. Has some labourer become desperate for food? Is there a deadly creature lurking in the dark? Is the Guildmaster looking for an excuse to break contracts? Who stands to benefit? Who stands to suffer? Set your jaw and trundle forth as you wade knee deep into Malice and Manure.