FallCon 35

The Adventures of Tennessee James

Tennessee James, along with other archaeologists and adventurers, are leading expeditions to find their own fortune and glory. While searching pyramids, temples, and ruins for riches, the expedition teams must watch out for traps, such as snakes, arrows, and giant boulders. Archaeologists must also beware of native tribes, cultists, fascist soldiers, and even each other. Survive the traps, take the riches (from other archaeologists if necessary), and get out alive to gain your fortune and glory!

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Start Date & Time Saturday at 2:00 PM (local to convention)
Duration 1 hours
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Cost $0.00
Room Prototype Alley
Space PA-2
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More Information https://www.variableoutcomes.ca/the-adventures-of-tennessee-james.html
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