FallCon 35

Zombicide Roleplaying Game - Hosted by the RPG Alliance Con

Zombicide: Chronicles – The Roleplaying Game, players take on the role of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. They must learn to work together, trust one-another, and form strategies to fight the zombies if they want to stay alive.

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Start Date & Time Saturday at 12:00 PM (local to convention)
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More Information https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/397413/Zombicide-Chronicles-Quickstart
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There’s a zombie plague overrunning the world. The recently-dead are roaming around, hunting the living, ready to tear them apart on sight. Some survivors chose to hide away in bunkers or caves, but that’s not you. You’re going to attack these zombies head on. You’re going to commit Zombicide. This game is hosted by the RPG Alliance Con of Calgary.

Length: 4-5 hrs Players: Minimum 2 - Maximum 5. I have Pre-generated Characters but you can also MAKE a Character using the Zombicide Survivor Generator (if you do this option then please print up your character sheet and bring it with you). Zombicide: Chronicles - The Online Survivor Generator Beginner Friendly, no experience necessary, I'm learning this system too. Equipment: You will need 2 sets of d6's that are different in colour. I will bring extras in case you don't have your own Safety Tool: X-Card and Safe Space Code Safe Space Code of Conduct Trigger-Content Warnings: Recommend 18+, Violence, Undead, Gore, Body Harm, Horror, Undead, Survival in the Apocalypse, Hunger.