Running Games

Evercon is looking for game masters! This year Evercon will be held January 6th-8th at the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center which means we have a lot more space and need games to fill it.

What do I get for being a GM?

This year we will also be offering GM rewards. GMs for every 2 hours of events you run you will be entered into a drawing for prizes. Prizes will be awarded each day for events run during that day so the more days you run the more chances you have to win! Entries for prizes will be based on how many 2 hours intervals you run so if a GM runs one 2 hour event and three 1 hour events in a day they will only be entered in the drawing twice. Winners will be posted at Evercon Central and are required to pick up their prizes by the end of the convention.

In addition to the event prizes we also want to reward the GMs that really go above and beyond in their event dedication so we will also be reimbursing the full weekend badge cost to any GM that runs 12 or more hours of events! Badge refunds can be issued at Evercon Central after the 12+ hours of games have been completed.

What rules does a GM have to follow?

As a GM at Evercon you are expected to:

Please review the Events Policy for the complete rules and regulations for running events at Evercon.

So how do I go about submitting my event?

If you are looking to run a unique event, seminar or tournament please contact us directly at so we can work with you on any special requirements for your event. If you just want to run a standard event follow the steps below:

It is just that easy! You will be able to view your submitted event and make changes if needed. The event will start with a status of “Pending Review” and you will receive email notifications when any changes have been requested and when the event is approved. Once the event has been approved it will get slotted for a table and you will then be able to view it in our schedule of events.