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2-12 player game of Saboteur on BoardGameArena.com with Discord audio & chat. Level of Players Expected: Beginners Welcome A computer is preferred, but can be played on combo of cell phone for video/audio and Tablet, SmartTV, or other device with a web browser for gaming. Game Rooms will be on BoardGameArena.com. If you have never used the interface it can be explained during the event, but please create an account ahead of time (free) and send a friend request to lefton4ya

Audio/chat on Discord. Please create a Discord account and download the app if you have not. Once you RSVP, a server link will be sent.

The free tickets for this will be handled on the Envoy Gateway; use the "More Information URL" to reserve your seat. Ignore the tickets count on Tabletop.events.

Event Number 70
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Maximum Tickets 4
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Time Zone America/New_York (UTC {{ '2021-01-23 20:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})
Start Date & Time Epic Demicon at 3:00 PM (local to convention)
Duration 1 hours
End Time {{ event.properties.end_date | amDateFormat: clock_format }} (local to convention)
Cost $0
Room Epic Board Games
Space BG Table 18
More Information https://www.envoygateway.com/calendar/event/1113-saboteur-epic-demicon/
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