The Crucible Championship 40K GT Gameday Handbook Park Inn, Orlando, Fl October 15 - 17, 2021

We are excited to host our eighth Crucible Championship Warhammer 40K GT. We will be using the standard Chapter Approved - Grand Tournament 2021. All pairings and results will be recorded by Best Coast Pairings and matches will be determined using Winpath then Random selection. Placings will be based on standard BCP wins, battlepoints, etc.

Tournament Format (Chapter Approved - Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack) • Check In: Thursday 7pm -10pm, Friday 9:00 am – 9:45 am • Schedule: This event is 6 rounds (2 rounds Friday, 2 rounds Saturday (*possible 3rd see below), 2 rounds Sunday) using current GT missions from Chapter Approved 2021 book. Doors open at 9AM. o Friday Round 1: 10am -1pm, Lunch, Round 2: 2pm-5pm o Saturday Round 3: 10am -1pm, Lunch, Round 4: 2pm-5pm, *Shadow Round: 5pm-8pm o Sunday Round 5: 9am-12pm, Lunch, Round 6: 1pm-4pm • Strike Force Format Matched Play Missions o Day 1 ■ Round 1 : Retrieval Mission (11) ( GW terrain setup 2) ■ Round 2 : Sweep and Clear (32) ( GW terrain setup 2) o Day 2 ■ Round 3 : Vital Intelligence (13) ( GW terrain setup 2) ■ Round 4: Priority Target (33) ( GW terrain setup 2) ■ *Ghost Round: Battle Lines (22) ( GW terrain setup 2) o Day 3 ■ Round 5 : Scorched Earth (12) ( GW terrain setup 1) ■ Round 6 : Overrun (31) ( GW terrain setup 1) • 2000 Points • Lists are due 10/3/2021 at 11:59:59 • WYSIWYG modeling policy (If you have any additional questions, checkout our in depth modeling policy here) • No Power Level Restrictions

• ForgeWorld is allowed • 6 Rounds ( *7 if we meet our goal of 120 players) • Chess clock will be utilized by request of either player. Check out the sample rules. • Painting is not required, but to earn the 10 painting points, your army must be fully Battle Ready • Codex, Model and FAQ Cutoff 9/15/2021 o If a codex, model is released on 9/15/2021 and an FAQ is released before the tournament, the new FAQ will be live, except for any points increases or decreases for units listed. Models must be available to purchase on the GW or FW website in order to be played. Rulings Please send additional questions or conversion concerns to my email at

• How will you be ruling charging units in terrain when there is a wall and a unit is 1” behind it so you can not fight from the other side and there is no room to put your model in base contact because of the wall. o A model must not end any movement in a wall.

• Are my 3d printed models ok to use. I printed them myself.

o Send to thejugheadmania@gmail.comfor approval and as long as the base/vehicle sized are comparable to the actual GW model. • Does having belakor in an all slaneesh detachment break their locus? All units in the detachment have to have the slaanesh keyword which it does but belakor also has all the deamon keyword. o No Belakor will not break an all slaneesh detachment's locus.

• For Sisters, how does the Order of the Argent Shrouds order trait to count as having Remained Stationary work when getting out of a transport? o No, they do not suffer the -1 penality when disembarking from a transport.


Judges will be prominently visible in the tournament hall throughout the event (we’re going to be wearing brightly colored shirts, so we’ll be easy to find) and hold the final say on all game rules and tournament issues. Individual rulings, however, are never binding precedent - it’s a game, not a court of law. Rulings will always be based on correct rules interpretations rather than adhering to previous precedent. When calling for a judge’s assistance, please be prepared to provide any relevant rules to the particular question. Player Conduct, Judging, and Penalties

On a rare occasion, players may intentionally or unintentionally commit rules or sportsmanship fouls in the course of a heated or challenging battle. Behavior such as angle shooting, bullying, rules abuse, moving models illegally, picking up dice before your opponent has the chance to see the results, lying to judges or opponents, or any other form of unethical or inappropriate conduct can result in substantial in-game penalties, automatic loss assessment, permanent removal of parts of your army for the duration of the event, or removal from the event itself. While sometimes these errors are accidental, a “foul is a foul,” and we treat them as penalties akin to those which occur during a sporting event. Consequently, judges are empowered to apply both in-game and scoring penalties equivalent to the magnitude of the foul. . A Note on Active Judging: Judges are empowered to actively stop instances of illegal play, with or without a player’s specific request for intervention. If a player has concerns at any point, they are always welcome and encouraged to call a judge. While we will not have judges at every table, and we cannot stop every instance of a minor misplay, our goal here is to make sure all the games are enjoyable for everyone.

Terrain Guidelines We will be using the GW format terrain setups:

Army Construction

When building your army, use all the most up to date Warhammer 40,000 rules found in the following Games Workshop and Forge World publications prior to a publication date of September 15th, 2021. • Codexes

• Warhammer 40,000: The App

• Campaign Books

• Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament Mission Pack 2021

• White Dwarf

• FAQs, errata, and beta rules found via

Army lists should be presented in an easy to read format including all relevant wargear and unit upgrades. Modeling and Painting

All miniatures in your collection must be fully assembled and painted to at least a Battle Ready standard. Below are some examples of models painted to a Battle Ready standard.

Converted and Forge World Models/Units

For the sake of fairness, any conversion should be comparable in size to the most current version of the model they represent. You may not gain a benefit from converted models, but may incur penalties. For example, a model converted to be taller may be more easily seen, but may not gain LOS benefits for its extra height. For any converted or scratch built models, you must seek permission from , including photos of the models in question where possible, at least two weeks before the event. While you may submit models for approval after this date, we may not have an opportunity to review them in time. If you do not obtain permission for conversions before this date, you run the risk of them being removed from play, or possibly incurring score penalties. Please note: any Forge World models must be the actual models and not conversions to look like Forge World models. If you are going to have multiple different subfactions (ex. A Tyranid army with a Hive Fleet Kraken Detachment and a Hive Fleet Behemoth Detachment) within the same army you must have a clear method of detailing which model belongs to which subfaction.

Many models that are no longer produced on the bases they originally came with. Wherever possible, base your models according to their current boxed kit. As with other exceptions, if you wish to have a model reviewed, please e-mail for approval.

Win-Path Pairing

Your opponent for your first game will be randomly determined. Subsequent rounds will use “Win-Path” to pair opponents in each round. This pits players both against someone with the same record and who won and lost their games in the same rounds. For example, a player who lost Round 1 and won Rounds 2 and 3 will play an opponent who did the same, rather than someone who won their first two and only lost in the third Round.

This is done to ensure players with a similar strength of schedule pair off and to ensure an increasing level of skill parity and sportsmanship with each subsequent round, as they face people who have had an increasingly similar play and outcome experience across the event.


At the end of each game, use the provided score sheet to record your results and provide them to the judges table. There will also be an option for reporting your results digitally on the day.

Many players enjoy tracking their progress at Warhammer tournaments across multiple events. To this end, scores and final results will be reported to ITC using BCP Application. Once you submit your scores, they cannot be changed. If you and your opponent discover a scoring error after submission, the default stance of Judges is there will be no change.