Crucible Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament

Bold City Wargaming is proud to be invited to run the Crucible 9: Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Taking place in Orlando, Florida October 16th and 17th! Below is some information that should provide you with some very pertinent information regarding the setup and policies of this event.

Dates of the Event: Crucible 9 is held from the 15th to the 17th of October, 2021. Here is a break down of Dates and Times:

Day 1: Friday the 15th, the Room will be open for you to come and play any practice rounds you wish. This is your time to view table setups, discuss strategies, run practice rounds, and ask the TO any last minute questions. This will also be when others not participating in the tournament can play games on the tables. However, those competing in the events will be given first priority from the hours of 10AM to 5PM.

Day 2: 0900: The TO will be onsite 1 hour before the Tournament starts at 10AM

1000: Round 1 Starts 1230: Round 1 Ends

1330: Round 2 Starts 1530: Round 2 Ends

15:45: Round 3 Starts 18:15: Round 3 Ends

This will conclude the Day 1 Rounds.

Day 3: 0900: The TO will be onsite 1 hour before the Tournament starts at 10AM

1000: Round 4 Starts 1230: Round 4 Ends

1330: Round 5 Starts 1600: Round 5 Ends

1630: Awards Ceremony

Event Format and Rules Information Structure: This GT will consist of 5 Rounds. The Round structure will be from the Generals Handbook 2021 (3rd Edition) Pitched Battle Profiles.

Rounds will be 2 hours and 30 Minutes.

Note: Chess clocks are permitted. If your opponent requests you use a chess clock, and they have provided 1, you will be obligated to use it.

Additional Note: The Tournament Officials will not have any chess clocks for you to borrow. You must bring your own if you intend to use it.

Mission Selection: Missions for each round will be provided day of.

FAQ/Rules/Battletome Cut-Off FAQ, Battletome, and other Rules cutoffs are 7 Days prior to the event. The Effective Cutoff is October 9th at 12:00AM. No Rules, FAQ, Errata, or any other rules changes will be used after cutoff

Terrain Placement: Terrain Placement is done by the TO prior to each day. Moving, Altering, or otherwise manipulating non-faction terrain is not permitted. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask the TO.

Points: This is a 2000 point Pitched Battle Tournament.

List Submission: The List Submission Deadline is October 8th and 11:59:59PM. Please submit your list through the BCP app. If you encounter issues with this, please message the TO so that we can help you.

Painting Standard: Battle Ready is a requirement for this tournament.

Battle Ready means your models are fully painted with a decorated or textured base.

The Generals Handbook 2021. pg18, Paragraph 2 Useful Links: Best Coast Pairings Event: Best Coast Pairings | Crucible 9: Age Of Sigmar Grand Tournament Crucible 9 Main Page: Tabletop Events Page for the Event: Contact Information: Tournament Official: Mike Wiseley

Contact Email: