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Orlando, Florida

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Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area

3011 Maingate Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34747, USA

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NOTE: The link posted above under 'Website' will take you to the reservation page. Though the page has a default banner stating that a $20 resort fee will be applied each day, this is not actually true for Crucible attendees.

If you have questions for the hotel CALL 407-396-1400 (Option 1) or email Remember to let them know you are with the Crucible Group so that you get the con rate!

Welcome to Crucible 9, the largest event of its kind in the Southeast!


Held in Orlando, Florida, Crucible is a convention that is all about gaming! Established in 2012, we specialize in providing both competitive and casual tabletop gaming experiences. We’ve been growing and expanding every year, including Adventurers League 5E D&D, AD&D, Pathfinder & Boardgames, as well as tournaments for Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Kings of War, D&D & More!

Come play games on our incredible tables, and in the comfortable surroundings of the Wyndham Kissimmee Celebration Resort, right outside the Maingate of Walt Disney World