Con on the Cob 2021

The CotC Geeky Geeky Spelling Bee

Do you know how to spell SHAI-HULUD? How about CALRISSIAN or GEORDI? Is URUK-HAI beyond your measure? Well, obviously you do now because you just read it, but do you think you have what it takes to take on other orthographic hymenopterids in a no-words-barred battle to see who takes the crown and associated accolades deserved by CON ON THE COB'S BEST SPELLER? If not, do you think you have what it takes to sit in the audience and witness other people do those things I just talked about?

If so, get your shiny wazoo to the Con on the Cob stage Saturday at 3pm and wrangle some words with your fellow logographian savants! The winner earns a coveted CORNY AWARD!

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Start Date & Time Saturday at 4:00 PM (local to convention)
Duration 1 hours
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