Astral Source: Infiltrating the Liminal Zone

Where will you be in 100 years? Due to the exponential growth of technology and science, all the tech and magic of the Starfinder ruleset are available in our solar system in 2121. The Corporatocracy provides a benevolent oligarchy in the inner system, while the outer system is a frontier where the Resistance takes root. The internet has evolved into the Noosphere, an immersive shadow dimension which is a repository for all sentient knowledge and allows for instantaneous communication and travel. With the advent of the Noosphere humans discovered the answer to Fermi’s paradox. Everyone else was communicating on a different channel (although a few were hiding among us). Will you use your considerable talents to discover the secrets of the Corporatocracy or to amass unfathomable wealth? Will you align with the Resistance or strike out on your own?

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Duration 4 hours
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