Age of Sigmar & Warcry narrative: Scourge of the Vitriol sea

This is a joint Age of Sigmar and Warcry event, taking place Saturday evening and all of Sunday. It includes 2 AoS games and 4 Warcry games, plus a final interactive multiplayer megabattle game for both AoS and Warcry. We will also have pre-event Warcry games during Saturday (more details to come).

Players will lead their forces on coastal raids and naval battles, in a tug of war between two factions. There will be themed tables and special rules for Warcry missions to interact with AoS battles, and a final mega battle against the gigantic Charonhydra.

Each player must also bring a warship to carry units to battle, and we welcome players to bring their Path to Glory armies (AoS) and Champion Mode warbands (Warcry). Players can spend their in-game coins to buy artefacts or upgrades to their warship between games. They can also share them with teammates or bribe their opponents.

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A1-A4, A5-A9, B1-B4, B5-B9 in Bristol Ballroom A
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The gigantic Charonhydra is loose in the Vitriol Sea, and opportunity for plunder arises in its wake. Lead your army or warband to defend the Dawnbringer settlements, or raid them for all they are worth… before taking a swing at the gigantic monster itself in a final mega battle, to protect your holdings.

Which team will you join? The Shield of the Realm and their allies wish to protect the settlements and drive back the monster, while the Ravenous Rift Ravagers and their allies wish to plunder them and enslave the creature. Most Order and Chaos armies will split along these lines, respectively, and Death and Destruction armies will allocate themselves to each, until we have equal numbers of players in each team (first come first served). If your army has an interesting narrative reason to join the opposing faction, however, we welcome it gladly!

What to bring: - Age of Sigmar - 1250 points list + Anvil of Apotheosis character + custom warship, per battle. Path to Glory and veteran abilities are allowed. - Warcry - 1000 Muster points per battle + unique Adventurer model + custom warship. Trial of Champions campaign mode (Tome of Champions 2019) is in effect (rules will be available), and muster size will increase during the event.

Full details are in our Event Rules Pack (see link for more information).