The Other Side: Breachead Rhode Island

Get Ready Rhode island for a new type of Warfare. The veil between our earthly world and the world of Malifaux has torn asunder here in Providence by the wicked twisting power of the followers of the Cult of the Burning Man and the denizens of the depths of malifaux seas the Gibber Horde are approaching. All that stands between us and annihilation is an unexpected Truce between the steel nerves and crack shots of the Kings Empire and The Advanced but mysterious Masters of soulstone technology from the dark continent, The Empire of Abyssinia. With tempers flaring in the cold snow it's a fight to see who will own this Breachead. Welcome Commander your Forces are Assembled, This is The Other Side. Wyrd miniatures brand new miniature game the other side. 1 commander tournament using a 40 script pool. 3 Rounds. Awards for First second third and A best painted competition as well as Last Place(Spoon) Prize Raffle. 90 minute Rds with 15 additional minutes for set up.

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Start Date & Time Saturday at 17:30
Duration 5 hours
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Room Grand Ballroom
Space Row H Tables 1-4
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