1d4Con 2020 - 3rd Time's A Charm!!!
April 04, 2021

Accessing our Discord server

Connecting to the Official 1D4Con Discord Server

After purchasing your badge choice, use this direct invite link for our Official Discord Server: Join the 1d4Con 2020 - 3rd Time's A Charm!!! Discord Server!

Once you are connected, please change your Discord Nickname to your First Name and Last Initial and optionally add your pronouns. Following this format, makes it easier to assign different roles to you on the server and lets us know that you are a badge holder.

Note: As the Staff are volunteers, it may take some time before the specific roles can be added to your Discord user account. Please be patient with us. Use the tech-support channel for assistance.


  • James W. (He/Him)
  • Sherry B. (She/Her)
  • Sam T. (They/Them)
  • Jesse B.

You can also view an event that from the Events Schedule or My Schedule from the Attend menu, and then find the Discord information section in the listing. Here you can find out which Room (called a Category in Discord) and Space (Called a Channel in Discord).

Each Channel has both a text and voice area, identically named in Discord. In the event listing you can click Voice Channel or Text Channel to open a web version of Discord in your browser and go directly to the specific channel.


For instance, clicking either Voice or Text Channels in the sample listing above, would take you the Dice Tray 01 channels listed within the Dice Pool Game Realm category in a web version of the Discord app.

DM/GM Preferences:

We are using Discord as a hub or gathering space. While our server will be boosted to support heavy server loads, it is not required that GM/DMs use our Discord server to run their games/events. However, they should communicate critical information to their players through the assigned channels, even if it is listed in their event submission.

This allows each DM/GM to have their own preferences as to where they want to run their games/events. If they opt out of using Discord Voice/Video or want to use an external die roller instead of dicebot, they are strongly encouraged to link to their Virtual Tabletop (VTT) or Die Roller of choice in the text channels that their events are assigned to.